Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When the rain falls!

Keeping the kids out of trouble can be difficult for me when its raining especial this time of year.  I try to encourage them to come up with ideas themselves.  So here in no particular order are some of their own favorite inside activities.

Playing with laundry.  Usually from Hannah's dresser, but often from the dirty clothes hamper.  Piles of laundry are fun to jump in, pretend to pack, and even dress and undress 100 times.  Hannah loves to pack her suitcase over and over again.  Ethan loves to throw laundry around.

Playing "baby".  Hannah is the mommy and Ethan is the baby.  Usually Ethan ends up naked.  Here is Hannah trying to convince Ethan to lay still so she can change him.

Go for a drive.  The kids love to go to work, or to papa's house.  They can leave and come back a thousand times before getting bored.

If its been noisy and Mommy and I`ve yelled lots they often scurry away to read books.  Usually somewhere interesting like in a basket.

Playing with blankets, pillows, and dish towels.  This follows suit with laundry but they like to hide under or spread out blankets to walk on.  Hannah also LOVES folding towels and blankets.  Hannah is under this blanket in this picture trying to pull Ethan in with her.

If all else fails going outside in the rain is also fun.

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