Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My 2 Year Old

Today, is the last day of Ethan as a two year old.  I can't even fathom a time when Ethan wasn't there.  Hasn't he been around forever.  Yet 3 years seems far too long.

Here is a list of 12 things you might not know about Ethan:

1.  This sweet boy of mine is affectionate and loving.  He hurts when other's hurt.  Yesterday, Andrew went down the stairs too quickly leaving Hannah at the top crying because she wanted to hold his hand.  Ethan went upstairs and told Hannah that he would walk her down the stairs.

2. This boy has a natural sense of rhythm and tune.  He loves music and noise making in general.  He loves to sing to (at) Hannah.

3.   He goes to bed quite well compared to even 6 months ago.  To got to sleep he must have his "kitty".  Interestingly it is not a cat but actually is a husky dog.  Yes, he does know it is a dog, but he calls it his "kitty". :D
4.  While he speaks quite well he amuses me with his own special brand of pronunciation.   He still cannot even say Ethan properly.  If you listen careful he says "Esin".  He also cannot pronounce r's or l's and instead uses a "w" sound in place of both.  I find it incredibly endearing when he says " I wove a you mama".

5. He doesn't like change and resists even the simplest changes.  He likes routine, the familiar, the predictable.

6.  He attracts dirt like a magnet even when you would think it impossible.

7.  He loves playing outside and with the other neighbor kids but is quick to let you know the moment he is finished with people.  This is the same at church and at family gatherings.  In fact, at family gatherings he is often following my dad around or sitting on his lap because he knows he will be left alone when he is with his Papa.

8.  Ethan runs on cold most of the time.  He sleeps with as many blankets as he can get away with even on the hottest of hot days.

9.  He seems to enjoy working with his hands especially with tools.  Whether it is a toy tool or real tool he likes using them and often has a toy car flipped over to fix it.

10.  He learns best with his ears. I've noticed on many occasions that he only needs to hear things to know them.  When he is trying to figure something out he repeats it many times and wants me to do the same.  On the flip side he has an uncanny ability to not hear or understand when the situation proves useful.  Such as "Ethan please pick up that paper and put it in the garbage" is entirely missed but the whispered comment about possible ordering pizza for dinner can be heard miles away.

11.  He loves his sister fiercely.  Sometimes too fiercely.  He is as tender as he is rough.  He actively tries to help and take care of Hannah.

12.  He loves to pray and is often the first to pray for something or someone.  He has an imaginary Uncle Laban (sounds like Uncle Waban) and whom he likes to visit with on occasion.

Happy Birthday to my almost 3 Year Old

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