Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Very First Box Day

Okay so most of you probably have no idea what box day is but over at our house it meant a very excited afternoon.  Box day is a tradition of sorts at  It's the day your box arrives and you get to open it up and look at all of the books and things you will be using over the next year or so.  
This past week I ordered our materials for our upcoming school year (2013-2014). In case you curious (because I would be ), I ordered Core P3/4: Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun.  I am very excited and I know that this will be a good fit for both Hannah and Ethan.

Have a look at our box day:
Our box patiently waits until after rest time to be opened.

Someone was excited.

So excited she attempted to open the box herself. I did however bring out some scissors to help.

Our first peek.

Pulling out the books.

Having a look inside.

Not surprisingly Ethan pulled out the game while Hannah pulled out books.

Trying to see if she could read it.

Ethan went in for more.

So excited for some new storybooks to read together.  
It's just to bad were on break right now. hehehehehe
They have such a mean mommy.

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Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Box Day! [smile]


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