Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canada Day

We had a very enjoyable Canada Day.  The kids and I (and Andrew too) had fun celebrating with a few different activities.

First, we made rice krispie treats in the shape of maple leafs.
Tossing the marshmallows in.

Testing for freshness.

Hannah enjoyed stirring everything up.

After I flattened it on the tray, Hannah and Ethan decorated the top with red m&ms.

After they had set, we cut them into maple leaf shapes.

We read some of our books about Canada.

We made hand-print Canadian Flags.
Painting the stripes on either side.

I love Hannah's expression in the picture.

Two flags ready to decorate the window.

We had friends over for dinner (sort of), they came over to our place and brought tons of food with them.  It was very relaxing.

The kids played with the little pool.

Ethan and Cates.

They enjoyed their dinner as a picnic.

Us adults enjoyed our dinner at the patio table.

Two happy ice cream eaters.


Liesel Rios said...

Cates is sure giving us the evil eye! Thanks for a fun time.

Kristina said...

If I remember correctly she is giving Ethan a dirty looks while he was crying.

I agree very fun.

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