Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Week of Preschool (Week 31)

Preschool Week 31

Since week 30 was our real last week this week was really just a bunch of finishing up of things that we hadn't gotten around to yet.  Leftovers from our fish/beach/ocean week.  All of this was before we went on holidays. I just haven't had a chance to post yet.


Sorting sea shells by size.  I think next year I will have uniforms for Hannah and Ethan because it cracks me up every time they where matching shirts. kidding....sort of....

Afterwards, Hannah and Ethan made shell impressions with play dough.

Hannah made a clam man. I told her I loved the mustache but she insisted it was a sad face not a mustache.

Fish counting and adding.

They picked three cards randomly and then counted out the appropriate fish and then had to figure out how many they had altogether. Then of course they had to eat them all.

Counting out beads to 12.
Counting out beads to 18.

Art:  Chalk Art.

Science: Magic Sand (thanks Ingrid)
We played with some magic sand.  It is a hydrophobic sand.  It is the strangest stuff ever.  It repels water and stays dry even when submersed in water.

Hannah and Ethan see what the "dry" sand feels like before we did anything with it.

Next, they carefully pushed a pencil in to the sand (that we sprinkled on top of some water).  The pencil stays dry and the powdery sand falls off when the pencil is pulled out of the watrer.

Of course then the shoved their hands into the sand covered water.

You can push the sand to the bottom of the bowl of water and while it "stays dry" it also acts weirdly wet.  This is really hard to describe but you can kind of mold it a bit.  You have to take my word for it.

But when you use a spoon to bring it back up it is still powdery dry.  Crazy I know.  

Next we (I was just as as into this activity as they were) used droppers to drip beads of water on top of the sand.

So pretty.  If you are really careful you can even sprinkle some sand onto the surface of the droplet without it breaking.  Check it out here.

Just For Fun: Playing hide the starfish.  The following printable are all from Gift of Curiosity as part of her beach printables.

Under one of the letter cards is a hidden starfish.  I gave them a clue (like this is the first letter of Ethan's favorite fruit-Banana) and they had to figure out where it was hiding (under the b).  

Beach shovel Graphing.

Beach ball fun.

End of the Year Wrap Up
This year like last year we made All About Me books.

It has various different pages to create a book all about themselves including an interview I did with them.  I love their answers:

Showing Daddy the finished books.

One of the pages has an envelope on it and we put a piece of string that is the same length as their height.  Later they decided to compare their strings from last year to this year.  Ethan was amazed at home much he has grown.

Looking at their work from 2013-2014.  Reminiscing. 

Schools out for the Summer or portion there of since we go all year with breaks scatted throughout.  They haven't gotten the memo so we are still doing things we just haven't started our "new kindergarten stuff".

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