Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cantonese Camp and Glen Days

This past weekend was super busy (in a good way).  We spent it across the boarder in Sumas WA at our churches summer camp Cantonese Camp.  We go every year for family camp but this was our families first time going to Cantonese camp.  I have decided that it was amazing, so well organized, everyone seemed to be having a great time, and the kids activities were great.  Now I don't speak one single word of Cantonese outside of what my 2 year old nephew has taught me, so the adult sessions were out of the question.  Never-the-less we had a good time as a family and Andrew had a good time speaking with the youth.

Isn't it pretty.

Hannah and Ethan with the kids.

I think they were going on a walk.

Emily made the kids balloon things.

I spent a majority of the weekend watching the kids run away from me to go do things by themselves.

Off by themselves.

Ethan wandering around.

Nathanael sleeping.  He wasn't feeling that great.

This is a little boy that the kids played with all weekend.  His name is also Nathanael and Ethan thought this was great and called him "big boy Nathanael".

Hannah and Ethan went canoeing with Andrew. 

Nathanael happily bounced in his jumper.  

Coming back for a quick visit.

Ethan eating the biggest ice cream sandwich ever.

Nathanael snuggling with Andrew.

Saturday morning Hannah, Ethan, Nathanael and I zipped down to watch the Glen Days parade.
Getting ready for the parade (and the candy)

Nathanael and my Auntie Linda (you can see my Uncle Mark in behind).  I love them!!

The parade started with fire trucks.

I loved all the decorated bikes.

So cute!!!

Catching candy

You gotta love the Minions.

Looking forward to another great weekend coming up too!

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