Saturday, March 7, 2015

Museum of Flight

 A couple of weeks ago Andrew and I tool the kids to the airport in Langley.  We visited the Canadian Museum of Fight and had a chance to see some planes up close.  It was beautiful and dry and it was really nice to get outside and do something as a family.

Some of the planes had stairs up the cockpit for you to see inside.

Others you could actually climb around inside and look at everything.

This is the cockpit of a Canadair CF-104 Starfighter.

Handley Page Hamptom P5436.  This plane was built just before WW2 and was responsible for patrolling up the West Coast of Vancouver Island at night.  This was a favorite of Hannah and Ethan.

Looking at the tail.

Nathanael chilled in his carseat.

Taking aim

at me.


So many different airplanes and memorabilia.

My sweet blue eyed boy.

Going their made me think of both my Grandpa and brother all who would have enjoyed coming with us.  I can just hear Grandpa telling me stories about airplanes and how they are built.

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