Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Randoms for Grandparents.

So I was talking to Andrew's parents yesterday and apparently I have neglected to post pictures of my children.  Since I desire to make my parents and Andrew's parents happy on occasion, here are a multitude of pictures just for them.  To the world who has seen enough pictures of my children; my deepest apologies. :D

Ethan and Hannah at Hi Knoll park about a second before darting away.

Oh my sweet Elly you are very sweet and cute I cannot help it if they keep touching your cheeks.

Grumpy that it was time for some math.

Sunglasses, a diaper, and Hannah's shoes.  Perfect.

Bubble baths.  She enjoys every other bath.

Today was enjoyable.

I was tempted for about 5 seconds to put Elly on the floor with the play mat but Nathanael was around and his feet are big.

Hannah and Ethan are very into projects at the moment.  Here Hannah wanted to weigh and compare things.

Big smiles from my sweet Ellyana.


Hannah, yup definitely sisters.

Today's breakfast: Tea and English Muffins.
No doubt in my mind where some of his genetic background comes from.  

Me and my girls.

Andrew and the brown eyed boy.

She loves her fingers and hands.

She is not always smiley.

Hannah's face when she has been told she is going somewhere she doesn't want to go.

Almost asleep.


Always climbing.

A hanging monkey.

Ethan's perch.

Such a thoughtful gaze.

The look of girl being told we are leaving the place she never wanted to visit and yet does not want to leave.


My squishy bundle are nestled in for a nap.

I see something strange,  This is Nathanael's favorite shirt. He calls it his "Grrr" shirt.

My Blue eyed boy.  You are the one and only and I love you dearly.

Wednesday morning monkeys!!

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