Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi Knoll Park

This past weekend, we got a chance to go and take a walk at Hi Knoll Park in Langley.  It was so beautiful the pictures don't even do it a little justice.

Andrew and Nathanael.

This tree was so big and beautiful

Andrew managed to get Hannah up on the lower branch.  Ethan almost got up there but he was a little nervous.

Posing for me.  

I love the golden hour.

My very favorite mountains.  I have an even better view here then my Mom and Dad do.

To excited for words.

Being silly on the bridge.

My Ethan

Daddy and Daugher

Climbing like a big kid.

I was there too.

With my blue eyed boy who good permitted me this picture.

The path was flooded out just on the other side of the bridge so that was as far as we could go.

Hannah:  This was the moon it was full last night,

My girl!  So pretty.

Up a tree looking for planes and birds.


Checking on baby.

Ethan:  This is nighttime.

I love this picture.  So fast and wild.

Hannah took this picture of Nathanael and I.  I think it turned out perfect.  Must be a budding photographer.

I captioned these picture with Hannah and Ethan. So the each pick a picture and told me what to type.  Afterwards they dictated their opinions.  Maybe they should have their own blogs.

Did you guys like Hi Knoll Park?

Hannah:  I liked the park so much.  I wish we could stay forever.  I got hurt there but I am fine.

Ethan:  It was fun and I hope we can spend more time there,  We stayed there for a long time.  The
other path around the bridge was flooded so much.

Nathanael: Park.  Like.  Park.

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