Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweet Eunice and the Chocolate Cookie

Ethan ate a heart shaped chocolate cookie from his class Valentine's Day Party.  That sentence alone makes me happy.  Ethan and Hannah both LOVED their class parties yesterday and all the valentines they brought home.  This is one of the reasons I really love how we homeschool.  The get the benefits of a tailored education with the fun class stuff too.  Anyway, I asked him who the cookie was from and he said it was from a girl named Eunice.  The following conversation ensued:

Me:  Who gave you the cookie?
E: I think Eunice did.
Me:  Is she nice?
E:She's a girl.
Me: But is she nice?
E:She's a girl.
Me:  I get that she is a girl. Is she nice?
E:  I don't know, I never talked to her before.
Me: Why not?
E: I don't talk to girls not my sister. (Not true but okay).
Me:  Why?
E: I might get embarrassed.
Me: Why would you get embarrassed to talk to Eunice?
E:Someone might see.
Me: See you talking???
E: No (exasperated because I am clearly not understanding.) embarrassed they might see me kiss her.
Me:  Why would you kiss her?  I said talk!
E: I wouldn't kiss her.  I only kiss my sisters.
Me: Good. (At this point Ethan left, obviously the conversation was over but I am left a little confused).

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