Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Overalls and Cuteness!!

This morning, I spent some alone time with Ellyana while Andrew was out at the grocery store with the other three kids.  She was in a super great mood so I took a few pictures of her cuteness. She has become so expressive recently.  I posted the first picture on Instagram but the rest of the pictures were CUTE so I thought I would share them all too. 

My sassy girl!

Swoon, I love her.

There is always that super awkward picture with drugged out eyes.  This is it!!!

Yeah so happy!!

If you didn't think she could get any happier; she can!!!

Oh hands.  These are great.

So happy.

This was the calm before the store because moments later she flipped out. :D  Overall she is cuter than I can handle much like the overalls.  Forgive me I don't get enough sleep and humor suffers as a result.  hehehehehe

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