Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hannah's Rice Box

Last week, I finally put together a rice bin for Hannah to play with.  It was easy to make too (except for the dyed fingers).  I got the idea from Rockabye Butterfly (here).

All you need is rice, food coloring, a plastic bag and rubbing alcohol.  I have also read that hand sanitizer works well in a pinch.  I used a couple of cups of rice, a few squirts of food coloring, and 1-2tsp of the rubbing alcohol.  The rubbing alcohol helps distributes the color but dries quickly because it evaporates so quickly without making the rice go all funny, it also seems to boost the color vibrancy.

I laid out the colorful rice on paper towel covered cookie sheets and let it dry while Hannah napped. Later, with the help of Andrew mom, we put the rice in a bin in neat rows so that colors wouldn't mix until Hannah played with it.  I added some of her kitchen toys and then it was already.  She loved playing with it and so did I.

The untouched rice bin.  It was so pretty, it was hard to wait.


Hannah was making soup.

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