Monday, February 17, 2014

Nathanael- 1 Month

Took Nathanael off to the doctor for his 1 month wellness check.  This is a brand new doctor for us and I was happily surprised and how warm and friendly he was with Nathanael and I.  He said Nathanael looked great and did a a pretty thorough check on him.  He was 10 lbs. exactly and hasn't grown in length.  He is tracking right along with Hannah (10 lbs) and Ethan (9.5 lbs.) at one month.  His head circumference was 38 cm up from 36.5 at birth.  Not surprised since I have very large headed children.

At one month he loves sleeping and can sleep with even the loudest noise running around.  He hardly uses his soother at all.  Mostly he likes after eating.  He is our loudest baby and is very particular about what he wants and how he wants it done.

He loves snuggles with mommy and daddy ( and we him).

He tolerates cuddles with his brother and sister but they LOVE to snuggle him.

Even Ben seems to be taking an interest but only when Mommy is not around.  Here Ben thought Nathanael might like to have a friend to cuddle with in the swing.

He has the cutest faces and the sweetest little dimples.

This was a very familiar sight over the last month. having used liquid formula that has to be refrigerated once opened meant heating bottles.  Now that he is a month old we have switched him to powder and he is getting used to room temperature water.  He vigorously shakes his head side to side when it's too cold.

We keep track of everything because I can't seem to keep these details in my head and I am terrible with gauging time.

 Our new baby monitor (thanks Amanda and Teresa).  
This has been super useful for nap time the added bonus of seeing him is great.  I love that everything is cordless and I can move it around depending on where I am and Nathanael is sleeping.

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Liesel Rios said...

monitor jealousy :)cute nathanael.

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