Monday, February 10, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

I know I shared the pictures of our bowling day the other day and so I thought I would do a more comprehensive post of their visit.  Andrew's parents came for a week to meet Nathanael and to visit us.  We had a great visit.  Thankfully they left just prior to the flu arriving at our house.  It seems as if Andrew may be going down today and I hope that Nathanael and I will remain unscathed.  Have a looks at some of the pictures from their visit:

Of course meeting Nathanael was a must with lots of love and cuddles.

Grandma reading with Ethan.

Playing games.  Ethan's current favorite is Uno.

I love this picture of Nathanael getting ready for his bath clearly enjoying a moment with Grandpa.

He loves having a bath (a very warm nearly hot bath).

Going out and braving the wind and the cold. Oh so excited :D

Hannah and Ethan loved having lunch and playing at their favorite restaurant.  
The rest of us made do.

Ethan loves his chicken nuggets.

Mommy and Ethan snuck off to get the boy a much needed haircut.  The before and after pictures do not do justice how badly he needed a haircut.

 One afternoon everyone but Nathanel and I went on the skytrain for some ice cream.  Since I did not go, Ethan took the camera with him and took pictures of the trip.  
While I was taking the pictures off the camera I found this picture of Andrew's mom taken by Hannah.

Grandpa and Ethan at the front of the train. (Taken by Hannah)

At the mall getting ice cream.  (Taken by Ethan)

I had to include this picture taken by Ethan.  Clearly taken from his perspective and I just LOVE the look of disgust on the women's face.

On the way home (taken by Ethan).

Grandpa coming in from the cold. (Taken by Ethan).

I know it's a rather random snapshot of our week and not at all comprehensive but fun nonetheless.

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