Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friends like Jon!

Ethan has been friends with Jon for almost 2 years.  Let me tell you about Jon.  He has been everywhere, including outer space.   He is a grown-up who has the soul of child, ageless really.  He can do, learn, and teach everything.  In fact everything that Ethan knows has been credited to Jon at some point.  I know what your thinking, everyone needs a friend like Jon.  Jon has been Ethan's constant companion for as long has he can remember and while he is imagined he is very real at our house.  

One of the things that Andrew and I like most about Jon is that he is quiet funny and often adds some hilarity to out meals.  Jon is often mention to strange and I think they must assume he is an older brother/uncle.  People who do know us often lift an eye brow at me as if to say "who is he talking about?".

Here is a conversation Ethan had with Andrew and I over breakfast:

Ethan:  Jon has an extra room for me at his house.  So that when I come to sleep over I have someplace nice to sleep.
Me:  That's great.
Ethan:  Yeah except when I sleep there he makes me where a diaper.
Me: Why?
Ethan: He thinks I'm a baby.  (Starts laughing)
Andrew:  Jon is crazy!
Ethan:  He is crazy and he is AWESOME

Hannah had a imaginary friend when she was 2.5.  His name was Shack and he was a little more unsettling because he used to start fires in our furnace.  Shack didn't stay to long thankfully :D

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