Friday, August 8, 2014

Museum Days

Last week my sister and I took all the kids to the Surrey Museum to the "Kids Celebrate" exhibit.  It explores the diversity of cultural celebrations in Canada. Their little blurb says it better than I can "Discover 13 celebrations through the seasons and find out how music, dance, food, decoration, costume and games impart values and history to communities. Hands-on activities and artifacts help visitors discover commonalities and differences among various celebrations, and realize that the tradition of celebrating is something everyone shares." Surrey Museum

They had a lot of fun (and I did too).  The variety of hands-on activities entertained Hannah, Ethan and Ben for the entire time we were there.

Dressing up like birds.

Riding bikes to create New Years fireworks.

Ben loved planting flowers and watering them.

Building and igloo.

Canadian magnet fun.

Ben sure is clever.

Hannah put together quite an impressive Thanksgiving Feast.

Ethan made a Chinese Lantern

Ben was a pirate for Halloween.

Hannah and I had lots of fun with the costumes.

Ben and Ethan playing a Dreidel game.

Hannah making a mask.

So we will definitely be back especially since it was free and it is on for another month.

Outside enjoying a snack afterwards.

Hugs with Mommy after Ben tripped a little.

Sweet Charlotte enjoying the day.

Nathanael so chill after being asleep the entire time we were there.

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