Monday, December 8, 2014

Wedding and Weekends

 Last weekend Andrew officiated a wedding for a wonderful couple from our church and Ethan got to be the ring bear.  To top it off Andrew's parents were out for a visit.  It was a full but great weekend.

I can't same much about this photo except that I love these to handsome guys very much.

Ethan was so excited to be the ring bear (and looked so cute doing it).  He was grumpy the day of the wedding and he told me during the vows that he was sad Canaan and Melody were getting married.  With a little prodding he told me he thought getting married meant that Canaan wouldn't talk to him anymore.

Squeezing a smile out.

Meanwhile back at the house there was lots of playing in the snow,

cuddles with Grandma,

game playing,

and hanging out.

Nathanael even tried to hitch a ride home.

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