Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are We in For Trouble?

The kids had a funny interaction today I thought I would share.  It was right after breakfast and all three kids are playing together. Actually, Hannah and Ethan were playing and Nathanael was climbing all over them.  Hannah came running excitedly over to me and yelled that Nathanael was saying a real word.  He says a few words; muma, dada, good and a few others.

I asked Hannah what he said she very excitedly said "Doom".  I thought I might have heard wrong but she said he really did say doom.  Obviously, he was just jabbering on in baby talk and said a real word and this really excited Hannah.  I smiled and and wondered what I might have in store with my eleven month son is saying doomed.  Perhaps I'm doomed.

Not five minuted later Ethan yells angrily, "Nathanael is a menace!".  Hannah yells back, "you don't even know what that word means".  So I poked my head in to see if Nathanel was actually doing something to bother Ethan and to find out if Ethan did or didn't know what menace means.  Turns out he does and in his words it means "to be really really bad".  What Nathanael was doing to be a menace was touching tree ornaments. :D

So in the space of five minutes I'm considering the ramifications of my menacing baby and how I may be doomed!

But how menacing could this baby be?

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