Monday, January 26, 2015

Campbell Valley Regional Park

Last Monday, Andrew and I took the kids on a walk through Campbell Valley Regional Park.  It was sunny and dry so we jumped at the opportunity to do something outside even though it was cold.

Looking at the map.

It was chilly.

Climbing stumps.

Running through the grass.

My brown eyed boy.

Trying to get the chickadees to land on our hands.  The kids couldn't stand still enough but the little birds managed to tickle their fingers before flying off.

I can stand still enough.

These are absolutely my favorite birds.

Looking for fish and ducks.

Peeking out!

Watching the ducks swim under the bridge.



We found this seed thing and had no idea what is was called.  Turns out it's Virgin's Bower.      

It was really soft. After that we had to move quickly in order to get to the van before the gate was closed.  The kids already want to go back.

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