Friday, January 30, 2015

Nathanael's First Birthday

The weekend before last we celebrated Nathanael's first birthday.  I had planned to make it a penguin themed birthday but in the end I ended just have a blue themed birthday with so much going on it just easier.  Nevertheless, the birthday boy was happily celebrated.

The Spread.

Nathanael and Gama having a snuggle!

Turns out there was a football game on.  
Nathanael did't seem to mind jockeying for attention.

Playing with balloons.

with Mommy

and Auntie Teresa

One happy boy.

Opening presents.

Blowing (or staring at) the candle.


Poor Charlotte wasn't feeling great.

Auntie Amanda with the babies.

Nathanael and Asa trying to escape.

Nathanael loved his party and his new toys.

Big thanks to everyone who helped making his party a big success.

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