Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gems Among the Pictures

I've been going through Grandma's pictures this past week pulling the ones I want to use for the memorial this coming Saturday.  I've managed to find a few gems among the pictures.  First, I found this beautiful portrait of Grandma from what I am guessing was her twenties.  I say guessing because nothing was sorted or labeled.  My Grandma was METICULOUS about everything, everything except photos it seems.  I guess everyone is allowed a junk drawer or closet and hers was the photo box. 

I don't know anything about this photo.  I don't know why it was taken or even when.  But it's just striking.

Second, I found her wedding dress receipt.  In 1956, her dress cost $74.50.  In case your curious here is a picture of her wedding dress. When I got married 10 years ago my veil cost more than her entire bill. 

 Finally, I found a copy of her performance review when she was teacher in Saskatchewan.  She had all of 7 seven students.  Although it seems one student in particular (Mariette Blondeau) had some issues with attendance.  I think it's interesting that there are notes about the upkeep of the school in addition to her teaching skills.  This just makes me smile.  I hope my lessons are bright and interesting although I am sure there are also areas that require further improvement.

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