Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Activities with Ben: Valentines Day

Valentines Day Activities
We had a lot of fun last Wednesday with Ben over to learn with us. We started out by reading the book "The Valentine" by FĂ©lix, Monique.  It's actually a wordless book about a little mouse who eats through a book and turns an empty page into a little house.

Afterwards, we made hand print valentines.

The finsihed Valentine, I found this idea here.

Then all three kids played for over an hour with our valentine sensory bin.  It's our rainbow rice with anything red or pink I could find around the house.

Lots of scooping and playing!

Nathanael wanted to play too.

We didn't have enough time to do it with Ben but later we also made crystal hearts.
Making a heart shape from a pipe cleaner.

Mixing up the solution (see here).

Waiting for crystals to form.  We waited overnight,

Crystal heart.

Hannah making her Valentines for school last Friday.

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