Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas in Salmon Arm

Better late than never but here are our pictures from our Christmas in Salmon Arm.  

Snuggling with Uncle Shawn.

Making rounds!

Making faces!

and taking orders.

Nathanael was super excited to open his stocking.

Hannah and Ethan opening their stockings.

Christmas Morning.

I love this picture of Ethan looking up at Grandma.

Visiting hours at the jail.

Christmas afternoon relaxing.

Getting ready for Christmas dinner.

The turkey.

Nathanael helping make whipping cream for the pumpkin pie.

Nathanael and Mommy

There wasn't any snow when we arrived.  
Hannah and Ethan patiently waited for some white stuff and their waiting payed off.

Making a snowman.

Playing in the snow is hard work.

By the end of the week there was enough snow to go tobogganing.

Coming back up the his for more.

My snow babies.

Having fun.

Nathanael came out for a quick minute. He was NOT happy.

He burst into tears right after I took the picture.  I think he was confused.

A brief smile

Happy to be back inside where it's warm.

Heading home.

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