Friday, January 15, 2016

This Week

These are all pictures from Instagram that I posted this week.  They are largely Nathanael but his birthday was this week so he has been at the fore front of my mind.  

Ellyana is getting so big. I love her sweet cheeks.  Although you can't see it in this picture her cheeks have been covered in baby acne.  Worse  than the other three ever had it.  Hopefully it's gone soon.  It looks terribly uncomfortable I want her smooth skin back.

Nathanael got his long overdue haircut this week.  He looks so different.  Now that the shock of it has worn off, it's definitely growing on me.  Look at that little dimple.

Helping mommy make muffins.  He loves pushing the chair up to the counter to help or watch.  

We welcomed Ben back for our first Wednesday Morning of the year. It has been awhile since we took a break to have the baby.  It was nice to have him around and to get back to some routine.  Are week was based on the book "The Curious Garden", we also planted an Amarylis and painted pastel and watercolor flowers.

This was from today.  Andrew brought me a coffee home this afternoon.  Nathanael was desperate to have some but I think he is getting sick so I definitely did not want to share his germs.  I had left all but the last little bit on the counter when he managed (with the help of a chair) to get his hands on it.  After that, the rest was his.  :D

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