Monday, January 11, 2016

Snow Days

One of the absolute highlights of going to Salmon Arm in the winter (other than the family we visit) is the snow.  Hannah wrote in her journal today about going tobogganing.  I think they went out everyday we were there except 1.  It makes me happy to see the kids playing in the snow and building snowmen and snow forts.  I love the snow but we don't get a whole on the coast and what we do get disappears quickly.  Here are my last pictures from Salmon Arm:

Snow swimming!

3 of my snow children.  Nathanael did not really enjoy it.  We got him to go out once and this was it.

Building a snow fort with Grandpa and Daddy

This super structure required tools and a whole lot of arm power.


Poor boy can't see.

Digging in the snow.

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