Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nathanael's 2nd Birthday

I have a a pet peeve: blurry pictures.  I must have had the settings wrong on the camera because virtually all of the photo's from Nathanael's party are blurry.  The pictures are terrible and I wish I would have noticed before his party started.  So here is a few pictures from the party, blurry or not.

Nathanael LOVES cats so we had a cat themed party for him.

PLaying witht he wagon and the balloons with Asa.

We had hot chocolate at the party which was fantastic since it was so cold and wet.

Gama and Aunty Amanda with Ellyana.

Nathanael blowing out the candles of his cat cake (with Asa his buddy).

All the kids.

Poor Nathanael had so much fun at the party he fell asleep on the floor later.  :D

1 comment:

Liesel Rios said...

Nathanael on the floor is priceless!

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