Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Story Behind the Pictures

It's Wednesday and on Wednesday my nephew Ben comes over to join us for school.  We always do an Art activity and it is usually really fun.  Today we read the story "Miss Rumphius" by Barbara Cooney.  It is a beautiful story about a women who wants to honour her Grandfather by making the world a little more beautiful by planting Lupines.  For our art activity we painted Lupines:


(Ethan, Hannah, Nathanael, Me, and Ben)

They turned out lovely and even Nathanael enjoyed the process.  But in the interest of a honest disclosure this morning was TERRIBLE.  Hannah spilled my entire mug of tea everywhere.  Thankfully nothing was ruined but it was a big mess.  In my haste to clean up we lost track of the soother and I suspect Nathanael actually hid it somewhere.  Before all this I had Elly just about asleep and now she is completely awake and very unhappy.  We clean up and press on to reading our story.  Nathanael interrupts so many times that I lose count.  He desperately wants some tea and I tell him he needs to wait until the story is finished.  He ignores this and continues to push his cup into my face and Elly's face since she is trying to sleep on my lap.  This causes her to cry.  Nobody can her the story and I am very tempted to take Nathanael's cup and throw it across the room.  Nathanael, Ben, and Hannah are very patient but I am not sure how much of the story they are hearing.

Our art activity actually went pretty smoothly thanks to the baby swing and the highchair.  After art we usually watch a short video on our topic and have snack.  My tablet wasn't working and it took me awhile to figure out the problem.  By the time I got the video working Ben's Grandpa was at the door and the kitchen was a huge mess from the art.  Ben left and I cleaned up.

At this point my head is pounding and decide it is best to take Elly upstairs and leave the other 3 downstairs.  Unfortunately, Nathanael follows me upstairs and won't leave me alone.  I actually told him mommy needed to be alone and he told me "nope nope nope".  He is cute but NOT helpful. 

I am currently guarding Nathanael's door because he will not nap or stay in his room.  I am tired.   

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