Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunshine Party

Last weekend, which seems like ages ago now we celebrated Hannah's 7th birthday,  This year Hannah had definite opinions about what she wanted to do for her party.  I think I may have created a monster.  Actually, she was very sweet about the whole party and it was my pleasure to celebrate with her ideas. Well fist she told me she would love a birthday party party with a Sinshine Theme but not a "You are my Sunshine" party.  Silly girl mommy can call it whatever she likes in her head so long as you don't know.  So a yellow sunshine party, with banner, and lemon cake.  What can I say my girl is fairly easy to please!

The food.

The Cake and cupcakes.  The cupcakes are sitting on top of plastic champagne glasses from the dollar store filled with yellow candies.  Did you know that it is very difficult to find yellow bulk candy.  Andrew Mom had picked each piece which was definitely a labor of love.

Hannah made a banner mock-up and then we re-sized it to banner form.  LOVED this project with her.  She is definitely her Papa's granddaughter with printer's ink in her veins.

Presents and giveaways.

Of course the most important part of a good party are the people.

and lots of kids.

I love these kids.

My mom and Ellyana.

Ben finally allowed me to take his picture (see kids picture above).  

Andrew's parents.

Blowing her candles out with Ethan,


Sweet Charlotte is such a dolly.

To eat or not to eat.  This was a supremely difficult decision for Cates.

My sweet Ellyana in yellow to match her big sister.

Cupcakes and candy.

Cuddles with Auntie Amanda

Opening presents.

I love celebrating my kids and Hannah's birthday also happens to be the day I became a mom so I'm also usually thinking about that in the back of my mind.  I need a pause button it's just going by too fast,

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