Thursday, June 2, 2016

Favorite School Pictures from May

Ethan has decided that he LOVES reading like Hannah.  They will often sit side by side reading together.  Each with their own book and reading aloud. 

Wednesday Morning Art with Ben.  This was one of their favorite art activities for the last little while.  When we are in the car driving they point out every time they see Lupines on the side of the road. 

Hannah at the share fair at school.  Think science fair but not limited to science.

Ethan at the share fair.  The both did projects about space.  Originally it was just Hannah but then Ethan also wanted to do space.  Win for me.

Moses and Hannah. Moses did a diorama about "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".  It was fantastic but you can barely see it behind his head in this picture.

I love how Hannah and Ben are leaned into each other.

Drawing bean plants.  The sprouted beans and then drew about how it looked.

Oceans and continent puzzles.  Doing puzzles with Nathanael is not fun.  So I can appreciate the level of patience seen in this picture.

Working in their math books.  They like math but they don't always enjoying practicing in their books.

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