Friday, June 3, 2016

Hannah and Nathanael

As I look through photos and watch the kids play, I've begun noticing that certain sibling pair up.  Yes they all love each other but they also tend to pair off for different things.  I remember distinctly the pairing off with my own siblings.  It's one of the reasons that the loss from 4 to 3 is so difficult. This is my own thoughts my sisters might not agree.  Anyway, I love watching the pairs and seeing what it is that goes on.  Recently (over the last couple of months), Hannah and Nathanael have popped up together in a bunch of pictures.

He does everything she does including brushing his teeth and getting his jammies on.

Snuggling together when sick.

She is always talking Nathanael into doing something goofy.

She takes very good care of him.  Thankfully he will let her do almost anything that needs to be done, like taking off muddy pants before coming in.

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