Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Growing and Waving

 I have been able to spend some extra alone time with both Nathanael and Ellyana this week with Hannah and Ethan at VBS.  These two babies are growing way to fast.  Elly has been moving and twisting like crazy.  I am so thankful she isn't crawling yet because I will be in big trouble trying to keep her safe when she does start.  She said her first word "Dada" which is super adorable.  If she wants to start saying "Mama" too I would be even more pleased.  One of my favorite things that she does is to baby talk in this super creepy voice that just cracks Andrew and I up.  Just today, she has figured out how to wave and I love it. 

Eating cucumber for the first time.

Look for her new talent (waving) at 10 seconds and listen very carefully at about 20 seconds to hear her say Dada.  

My sweet Nathanael is finally talking up a storm.  He is and always has been very hammy.  He has figured out how to manipulate well with his little words, smiles, and pouts.  He is also stubborn, smart, and 2 years old, which is a super dangerous combination.  He has absolutely no problem doing things for himself and is fiercely independent.  I never know what to expect from him.  He keeps me very humble.  

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