Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kelowna Holidays

Finally getting a chance to blog about our holidays in Kelowna.  We had a great time staying right along the water and it was beautiful.  We had pretty decent weather and we were able to lots of things outside together as a family.
All set to go!

The kitchen worked well since we cooked almost all of our meals.

Living room and deck.  Outside past the deck was a park playground.  

Nathanael decided not to nap our whole trip.  Instead he parked his cars the entire time. :D

There was an indoor and outdoor pool.  It was a little too chilly to swim outside especially with Ellyana.  We actually only used it once and that was on the Saturday since it was the only day the slide was turned on.  

Hannah on the slide.

Poor Nathanael was freezing cold but wanted to do the slide over and over.

Love Nathanael's hair.  I tried to get a picture of Ethan but he moves far too quickly.

Elly and I watching from the side.

My little sleeping lounge chair buddy.

Andrew got Nathahael this inflatable frog and it was perfect.  

Other than on Saturday we swam inside where it was much warmer and empty.  Seriously, we had the pool and hot tub mostly to ourselves.  Nathanael and Andrew in the hot tub. Hannah and Ethan swimming in the big pool.

Elly taking a turn in the frog.  She actually fell asleep one evening.

Me and the babies swimming.  Elly loved the pool even though she hates her bath.

On the Monday of our trip Ethan celebrated his 6th birthday and was thrilled to open some presents.  Grandma and Grandpa came down for the night to celebrate.  Especially the watch from Uncle Shawn.

Playing Uno

Going to the beach.  We thankfully had one really warm day to go to the beach.


My Beautiful girl.

Walking in the sand with Daddy.

While Andrew's parents were still out we went to the Kangaroo Creek Farm with the sole purpose of cuddling sweet little joeys.  We were not disappointed.

Capybaras:  Andrew loves the gigantic rodents.

Holding the baby kangaroos that weigh nothing.  So sweet and soft.

Ethan LOVED his Joey.

Grandma and Nathanael; he wasn't too sure about the joey.

Andrew loved his baby too.

After our cuddle session we visited the larger kangaroos in the field as well as the goats.  This Kangaroo was playing dead so even Elly got to have a visit.

The goats were far more exciting!

I mean look at that cute.

On our way out Hannah and I visited with some birds.

Hannah and Grandpa

Holidays mean cereal for dinner on the couch while watching a movie.

Visiting in jammies in the morning.

Sweet kisses for "toot" babies. I love her little hand poking out.

Myra Canyon has a portion of the Kettle Valley Railroad running through the canyon.  We took a walk through the canyon up to the first tunnel and back which I think we decided was about 4 km round trip.  We passed over seven trestle bridges and then reached the first tunnel and then turned around to come back. 
Looking out over the view.

Taking a rest!

Me too.

Hannah wanted to climb the steep walls and did pretty good with Andrew's help.

Trestle bridge across the canyon.

So pretty.

My Nathanael sitting on a rock.

I make them pose and they mostly humor me.

Reaching the tunnel.

Andrew, Hannah, and Ellyana.

Baby girl slept most of the time.

We saw this little guy right at the end of our walk.

All and all we had a fabulous time away.

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