Thursday, July 21, 2016

John Lawson Park

One of the benefits of having to drive all the way to West Vancouver to see the doctor is that his office is literally across the street from the beach.  Beautiful.  My doctor has been at this location for 2.5 years and we have known about the beach the entire time because you can see it.  Only in the spring did we realize that a five minute walk away is John Lawson Park.  Game changer.  It has picnic areas, playgrounds, a sand pit, and a spray park.  It's a perfect for the Andrew and the kids while they wait for me.  

Having a picnic lunch.  This is how I found them on my way back from the appointment.  

Ellyana loves cucumber.

Me and my girl.

After lunch we went back out to play at the park.  Looking off the pier and watching Andrew and Ethan scramble over the rocks below.

Playing on the play structure.

Playing in the sand.

Nice right?

Nathanael walking through the "river".

A water pump is the best thing in this park. Fill, dump, repeat.

Nathanael challenged Andrew to a duel.

Challenge accepted.  

War was waged.

Nathanael`s youthful endurance prevailed.

Andrew surrendered.

Other foe.

Smiling baby.

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