Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finished with S and now on to T

S was long and drawn out.  I thought we might never finish.  First, the kids got sick, then Andrew and I got sick.  Come to think of it S is for sick so I guess it kind of fits.

 Before we got sick, sticking snowflake stickers on to our letter S and making spiral snakes were the only activities we did.
 Finally recovered, we played with the items in the letter box.  Hannah liked playing memory with the items.

 One afternoon we did a little experiment with water.  I dyed one of two glasses of water green and they had to smell the two cups to see if they smelled the same or different.  They smelled the same.  Then we repeated it but tasted to see if they were the same or different.  Hannah giggled when she realized that both glasses had water in them.
 Next, I brought out 3 glasses all tinted green (one with water, one with lemon, and one with vinegar).  I asked if they could figure out which one was only water.

They smelled them and Hannah was thoroughly disgusted by the vinegar.  But she smelled all the cups and guessed right.  For my own amusement I ask if they would like to taste each cup.  Their vinegar pictures are priceless.

Hannah and I did some Snap Painting during nap time one afternoon this week.  I thought this was going to be very messy.  But it wasn't and it was also quite fun.

I think Hannah's splattered cards turned out quite lovely.
 Finally we are moving on to the letter T.  So without further ado:

T Letter box:  train, tomato, toothbrush, toucan, triangle, tree, turtle, letter T's and the t bean bag.

Stringing beads on a pipe cleaner.  One pipe cleaner is for all the letter T's and another for practicing her name.

Teddy bear matching (from Playing House)
Triangle folder game (from Kidz Club)
Tool Belt craft (from Brilliant Beginnings)

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