Sunday, March 4, 2012

Letter R Review and S Preview

In the R letter box the ring and the rose were very popular.
Hannah even said she was going to marry Ethan.

One evening before bed we glued rainbow rice to the letter R.  Hannah placed her rice on her picture while Ethan thought it would be fun to scatter the rice.


Rose dissection. Andrew had given me some flowers and at the beginning of R week when they were nearing the end of their shelf life I thought it would be fun to take some of the roses apart to see the different parts.

We're bored waiting mom.

 Hannah happily discovered that they all look the same inside despite being different colors.

Ramp fun- this is still taped to my table.

Here is a look forward to the letter S.

S Letter Box: Snake, strawberry, shell, silver button, spoon, star, spider, scorpion, number  seven,
picture of a sailboat, S bean bag, and the letter S)

Decorating the letter S with Snowflake Stickers 

Pom Pom Counting Stars 

Spiral Snake Art (Template)

Alphabet Spoons (Inspiration came from here).  This is to reinforce the order of the letters .  I think that both Hannah and Ethan will enjoy this activity.  I separated the alphabet into sections to make it more manageable.

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Jenny K said...

You guys did a lot of fun activities this week. The rainbow rice R and rainbow dot are a great ideas!

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