Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monkeying Around Inside

Well it has been cold and drizzly out the last few days, we have even seen some snow flakes even if they didn't stay on the ground.  With two kids who have very runny noses its just not a great idea to go outside.  They do however need to use up the abundant energy stored inside.  So we did some jumping games.  

We put a broom stick across two baskets and Ethan and Hannah took turns jumping over it.  Ethan cannot really jump with both feet off the ground yet so he just runs and steps over it.  Every time the pole fell off they it was almost as much fun setting it up again.  I got this idea from Learners in Bloom.

After awhile we added some couch cushions for some more fun.

Then Hannah and Ethan pulled in two more cushions and ran and jumped in a circle.

I love watching them be creative.

Acting as a huge trampoline, they bounced, jumped and fell.

Finally, time to rest.  The cushions made a good bed too.

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