Thursday, September 13, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment

I am very proud of my children.  I love them to death but beyond that I am proud of them for how much they love each other and others. Today was out first day of BSF and because we switched to a new location this year it meant new teachers and classes for the kids.  They were excited but I could tell Hannah was a little nervous and even a bit teary when I left her.  Normally, Hannah and Ethan have been in their own class (divided by age) but I think they weren't quite ready this morning because they had all the kids aged 2-5 in the same room, so I happily left Hannah and Ethan together.

When I came back to pick the kids up at 11am I had one of the teachers come up and ask if Hannah and Ethan were my children.  I kind of wanted to know what she was going to say next before I claimed ownership of my two.  She said that Hannah must love her brother very much because she spent the entire 2 hours taking care of him and making sure he was okay.  She then said that Ethan was very sweet also and that she enjoyed watching them together.  Warms my heart.  If there is one thing my mom harped about over and over was how lucky we (my siblings and I) are to have each other because she is an only child.  That when all else comes tumbling down around we have each other.  I'm glad Hannah and Ethan are well on their way.


Charlotte said...

I love this blog today. Yes, indeed, this is a proud moment for Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I agree that your children are incredible examples of loving one another just as you and your siblings are. I pray that we will be able to raise children who follow this example as my siblings and I have often looked at the Reed kids as a model for how we love one another.


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