Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 3 - Letter C

Nature: We had a lot of fun outside this past week looking at clouds.  Of course the first day we tried to find some it was a perfect blue sky day.  So we opted instead to make our own clouds.  We painted white paint onto blue paper and after they dried we cut them out into cloud shapes.  We've hung them on the glass door so its cloudy all the time now hehehhe. 

We finally did find some clouds and used these great cloud viewers to spot clouds and guess their type.

Art:  We made collages out of C things (coffee, cotton balls, and coffee filters).  Let me tell you how good our kitchen smelled from having the coffee out.  I don't drink coffee so its not a normal smell in the house.  I was surprised how much Ethan enjoyed this activity.  His hands were covered in glue and coffee.
We also put spots (using corks and black paint) on our picture of a cat.

Math:  I think this was the favorite of the week.  We measured Hannah and Ethan's length out on the table  using green painters tape.  Then we counted how many cars fit the length and how many more cars Hannah was than Ethan.  Hannah was 2 cars longer.

 Reading and Language Arts: We read the book "The Big Green Pocketbook" by Candice F Ransom.  This is the story about a little girl who goes with her mother to do errands with her big green pocketbook.    Hannah liked to pretend this was a story about us, and she played purses all week with Ethan. We also worked through our activities in our All About Reading Level Pre-1 for capital C.  Hannah and Ethan finger painted their letter page.

Faith Foundation:  This week we worked through the first part of lesson 2.  The focus for this lesson is that we are unique individuals created by God, and our smiles can be used to express feelings and to encourage others.  Our smile can be a expression of our faith, hope, and love for God. Our verse for this week and next week is from Proverbs 15:13 A happy heart makes the face cheerful.
We talked a lot about how you can tell how people are feeling by looking at their faces.

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