Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 2: B week

Letter B activities: Hannah and Ethan practiced "reading" their B poster (I got these posters from my sister.  I really like them), Hannah and Ethan played with their rice boxes filled with B items.  Finally they threw balls into the baby bassinet (a new favorite for sure).   

Art-Bubble Wrap Painting:  I don't know why I've never done this before.  It was so much fun and not nearly as messy as I envisioned.  I taped a piece of bubble wrap to the tray so it wouldn't slide around and then Hannah and Ethan painted it.  Then you press a piece of paper down and pull up.  Volia!!

 Faith Lessons:  We continued the second part of the lesson we started the week before on how each person is made and loved by God, and therefore special. One of our activities was to draw a picture of their faces.

Nature Study: We dried flowers.  The kids thought this was fun but as I expected Hannah asked me over and over when flowers would be ready.  I left them for 2 weeks and they were almost ready.

Our dried flowers felt really papery.  The center of the flower still needed more time so we put it back to dry longer.

Reading Activities (All About Reading Level Pre-1 and B4FIAR):  We decorated our Capital B picture (it's hard to tell buts it is  a picture of Bees buzzing around a Bee hive).  We also read "Ask Mr.Bear" by Marjorie Flack.  Its a very cute book about a little boy who is trying to find a gift for his mother for her birthday.  Their favorite activity was playing with the little animals and retelling the story. 

Math:  For a math game I pulled out some tweezers and our bear counters. Hannah placed her counters into an egg tray and Ethan happily "tweezed" into a paint tray. It was funny watching them do this because our tweezers our quite difficult to use, so you can see how Ethan was helping it along with his other hand.  They practiced counting and placing one bear in each spot (Ethan mostly needed work on this).

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