Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preschool Week 5

Preschool Week 5

Bible: We read the Tower of Babel Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible called "A Giant Staircase to Heaven".  We talked about how the people wanted to build a tower because they thought they could get to heaven by themselves and they thought they didn't need God. Hannah and Ethan though it was pretty obvious that you cannot not build a tower to Heaven.

They did however try and fail at building a tall tower.  Miserably I might add.  The tower was not tall and they seemed far more interested in color coordinating their blocks.

Ben joined in the fun too.
(Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  This week we read more from the Eloise Wilkin Stories (Little Golden Book Treasury), Go Dog Go, as well as some of the stories from Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm.  Of course this wasn't the sum total or our read alouds but what we read from our Sonlight books.
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  The Letter E.

I tricked Hannah and gave her the wrong wooden pieces for building the E but she insisted that she could make it work. (HWT)

E is for Ethan with a goofy face. (HWT)

Doing their E page.  (HWT)

Trying to decide if elbow is an e word. (AAR pre-1)

They did a hidden picture where they colored the letter e's and a shark appeared.

Working hard.
 (AAR pre-1)

Math:  The numeral 10
Our first activity was to build towers of ten until all the blocks were used up.

They made 6 towers with a single block left over and I worked with Hannah to figure out that there were 61 blocks all together. In this picture she is skip counting from 10 to 60 by tens.  I'm not sure how or when she learned this because it wasn't from me.  Perhaps, her Auntie Teresa has been sneaking in some extra math lessons when I not around (she is a highschool math teacher- thankfully-  I will never have to worry about math ever).

Lots of building for fun too.

With our bears we worked on "More, Fewer, and the same".
Ethan comparing the number of bears and chairs (lego blocks).

When he wasn't looking, I removed 2 of the bears and asked him if there were fewer bears or fewer chairs.  This was more difficult than I anticipated but only because I don't typically use the word fewer but instead I prefer less and more.  Once I explained it was easy.

Matching and thinking.
(Compare Bears Maths)

Art:  I thought it would be fun to give Waldorf: Wet on Wet Watercolor painting a try.  Check out this link for a very good description of how to do it. It's easy but takes a little instruction.  Most simply it is liquid watercolor painting on wet watercolor paper.

Ethan adding some yellow and orange.

Dripping drops of color.

Hannah's finished creation.

Ethan's work of art.

My pictures do not do this kind of painting and justice.
It is a lot of fun and I did right along side the kids.

Science: We continued playing with shadows.  This time Hannah and Ethan used flashlights and explored inside with them.

Playing flashlight tag.

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