Friday, October 11, 2013

SFU Convocation

Today was my sister's graduation (for her Master's in Education), and so of course we are very proud of her accomplishment and went up to celebrate with her at convocation.  I love going up to SFU it brings up such great memories for me and I think it's beautiful.  Hannah and Ethan were very excited and had a lot of fun up there (it's up on a mountain).  Here are the pictures from the day, I am giving you fair warning that there are a lot of pictures.  heheheh

 SFU's Coat of arms (It says "We Are Ready in french")

Sitting beside the fountain, it was very cold up there.

SFU Pipe Band

Walking in

A proud Canadian

I LOVE this picture.

Peering to catch Auntie walk across the stage.

Ben got his finger stuck and was very upset.

Family pictures:

Hannah desperately wanted to see a classroom.  So I took them into one of the largest lecture halls.
Here they are from the graduating classes of 2031 and 2032 (if I did the math right).

She already has the right attitude.

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