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Preschool Week 7

Preschool Week 7

Bible: Our story from the Jesus Storybook bible was called "Son of Laughter".  It's the story of Abraham and God's covenant.  God calls Abraham to leave his homeland and to follow God to a new homeland. God then promises to bless all families on earth through Abraham's family. And so God began a new family with Abraham.  We made stars to go along with story.
The stars are Popsicle sticks hot glued together.  Hannah and Ethan did a great job painting them yellow. 

After the stars were painted (the yellow paint was still very wet) Hannah and Ethan sprinkled on glittery gold stars.

After attaching a little twine they were ready to hang.

And then God told Abraham his Secret Rescue Plan. "Abraham I will make your family very big," God promised. "Until one day, your family will come to number more than even all the stars in the sky." 
-Son of Laughter Jesus Storybook Bible.
(Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  This week we read several of the stories out of our "Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales" book from Sonlight.
I think Hannah and I liked the "The Wild Swans" the most.  But they are all good.
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting: Working on the letter F.

Ethan made a Pom Pom Magnet "F" on the garage door.

Painting a fish picture.

 (AAR pre-1)

Math:  We did a lot of counting activities.

We used our cuisenaire rods (colorful math sticks) we sorted from smallest to largest to make a staircase.

Hannah and Ethan figured out how many white squares (a single unit) were needed to make up all the other rods.  

For example the orange rod you need 10 white squares.

Then we labeled all the different rods with correct number.

We did a similar activity with the bears.

Hannah and Ethan counting and matching with the correct number.

Matching the number to the correct box.

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  Black and white collages.

Gluing black shapes to their white paper.

Finished masterpieces.

Science: Indoor Shadows
Using flashlights and a white paper, Hannah and Ethan made shadows inside.

Ethan and Ben shining their flashlights onto the paper.  This was by far Ethan's favorite part of the activity.
This is how he spent most of the activity.

Hannah projecting shadows onto the paper.  Hannah seemed to enjoy this a lot and found all sorts of things to make shadow pictures with her flashlight.  In the pictures above she is shining the flashlight through the holes of a wiffle ball and then some scissors.  She also was quite intrigued with adjusting the size of the shadow by moving the flashlight.
(PEEP and the Big WideWorld Explorer's Guide)

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