Thursday, November 28, 2013

Preschool Week 12

Preschool Week 12

Bible: Our story this week was the Ten Commandments from the Jesus Storybook Bible called "Ten Ways to Be Perfect".  We did a craft that I found at "His Treasure Seekers".  

The first step was to make hand prints and let them dry.

Later in the week, Hannah and Ethan glued one of the commandments onto each finger.

I think they turned out cute.
 (Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  Books, Books, and Books.  
For whatever reason I did not make any notes about what we read.
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting: The letter k (my personal favorite :D)

Hannah said it was easy peasy.

Ethan put in a good effort. :D

Chalkboard k's

The both decorated their kite pictures with Dot Markers.

Ethan clearly enjoyed himself.

Math: Our first activity was with 3d shapes.

We talked about the different shapes and their attributes.  

Then we played a matching game which they both really liked.  This is the sheet I used for the matching game.

Finally, they did a sorting activity that focused on cylinders, cones, cubes, and spheres.  The sorting worksheet can be found here.

With our bears, Hannah and Ethan worked on an a lesson that practiced recognizing and copying positions on a grid.  Basically it was a matching lesson.
First, I would set up some bears on a grid and they would copy the positions onto an identical grid.
 Hannah and Ethan both love the game Camelot Junior and it is very similar, they LOVED this lesson.

Then we did a variation of the activity as a game.

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art:  My sister gave they kids some leftover paper squares she used in a lesson with her high school students.  So we decided to use them to make a picture.  This worked out well since we had already been talking about shapes this week.

This was pretty open ended.  I gave them some glue and paper and waited to see what they made.

Ethan's work of art.

Hannah's work of Art.

We did the last lesson on sound.  

Hannah and Ethan experiment with listening through tubes.

They took turns talking to one another through a tube from Home Depot.

The used both the tubing and toilet paper tubes to see happens when you cover both ears and talk.  Some of the questions that we talked about were: What do they hear? If they take the tube away from their ear, even just a little bit, how do the sounds change? What happens if they cover the other end of the tube with their hand?

Just For Fun:

Hannah looking into her nature box.

Ethan Playing with rice.

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