Friday, November 22, 2013


My kids love swimming.  They have both taken swimming lessons since their third birthdays and enjoy it and I love watching them swim.  This week we just finished up our last week of swimming lessons until after the new year.  They have both had some very good teachers this year and I love the pool that they take lessons at.  Ethan is about half-way through the set of lessons that he can take at his age (almost at level 4 out of 7).  Hannah (our fish) has 4 checks left to finish off level 7 out of 7.

Pre-swimming goggle check!


This is a video of Ethan practicing his back glide.


Look how much shorter she is compared to her classmate.

She informed her teacher that she would not be wearing a life jacket to jump off the diving board.  No fear.

This the tail end of Hannah practicing her side breathing.  She looks exhausted because she is just finishing a 25m swim.

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