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Preschool Week 11

Preschool Week 11

Bible: We did 2 chapters this week from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  The First, called "God to the Rescue" tells the story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush, and then of Moses speaking to Pharaoh.  So of course we made our own burning bush pictures. 

The bushes.

Fingerprint fire.

Of course washing up is just as much fun.

Ethan's Burning Bush

Hannah's Burning Bush

Our second story called "God Makes a Way" and tells the story of Moses leading Gods people out of Egypt.  I filled a zip bag with aloe tinted blue so that Hannah and Ethan could retell the story using their little people.

(Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  This week we read from the "20th Century Children's Book Treasury" as well as the "Flip Flap Body Book".  The Flip Flap Body body book has a whole section on pregnancy and the developing baby.

(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  The Letter J

Hannah and Ethan both found this letter more difficult then some of letter done in the past.  I think it's the curve at the end that made it confusing.  

To give Ethan some extra help I drew the J using water and had him trace over it a bit and then added in the chalk.  He like this and it helped.

Cutting and gluing J sound words.

 (AAR pre-1)

Math:  First we played a dice game.  It's very simple and fun.  Roll the dice and add a counter to the chart.  Each person has a different colored counter and there is a limited number of spots on the chart.   If you roll a number that has no spots left then then you move on to the next person.  When the chart is full of counters we count up to see who had the most counters on the board.

With our bears we followed the lesson from our book on comparisons.  We sorted and played with the bears using the words small, smaller, and smallest, or large, larger, and largest.

I love watching them learn together.

(Compare Bears Maths)
(Montessori at Home(Math Section)

Art: Painting with scrapers. 

 I grabbed these paint scrapers for $2 and knew the kids would love them.  There are 4 different scrapers and each one has and different edge, creating it's own unique pattern through the paint.

Science: Sound Eggs.

I filled several plastic eggs with different items.  You can see the variety of items on the tray (cereal, money, pom poms, bells, counters, beads etc).  Anything little and made out of a variety of materials would work.

The aim of the game was for Hannah and Ethan to identify the item by its sound when shaken in the egg.  One of the first ones I did was the bell because it's super easy to identify. Pom poms don't make any noise so it stumped them a bit.

Finally, I gave them a chance to make some of their own.  I love this picture of Hannah trying to secretly fill her egg.

What followed was a lot of filling, shaking, and the occasional spraying.  Every so often Ethan would fill his egg so full that it would burst open when he shook it, sending the contents everywhere. :D

Just For Fun:
Hannah, Ethan, and Ben

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