Friday, November 8, 2013

Remembrance Day

This morning we learned a little about Remembrance Day (coming up this Monday on November 11th).  I always feel a little bit awkward talking about war and soldiers.  I think it's because they are still so young.  Despite that I try to make a point each year to talk about Remembrance Day and the Soldiers we are remembering.  I think it's very important especially since my sister has students (high school students) who have no idea what the day is set aside for other than a day off school.  Okay enough rant.

Poppies and Crosses

We looked at 2 books.  The first was "Where Poppies Grow"  By Granfield, Linda.  We didn't read this book but looked and talked through the pictures.  Ethan really liked this book.  The second book we looked at was "A Poppy Is to Remember" By Patterson, Heather.  We didn't really read this one either.  I used it read the poem portion to the kids and again we talked through the pictures.  I think Hannah preferred this book.

Afterwards, we made some poppies to put up on our window sill.
Gluing the black centers onto the poppies

We taped each poppy to a wooden skewer.

Ethan colored the bottom of his green cup so it would be green everywhere.

Finally, Hannah and Ethan popped their skewers into the cups and I used a marker to add a skewer to the front of the cup.

Bright red poppies the symbol for honouring those who fought for freedom.

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