Monday, January 27, 2014

Preschool Week 16

Preschool Week 16

We have been doing things a little differently since Nathanael was born (2 weeks ago tomorrow! So fast).  I pre-planned in December knowing I would not have a lot of time to prepare in January.  Most of what I pre-planned are activities we can just take out and do without a lot of fuss or preparation.  I also had planned to take a bit of a break but it seems as if Hannah and Ethan have had other plans.

Bible: This weeks story for our Jesus Storybook bible was David and Goliath.  We did a craft along with it this morning.  I found this craft here.  

I liked this craft.  The knot tying was good practice for both of them.

(Jesus Storybook Bible )

Reading:  With Andrew home more this week and last week, the kids have had a lot of reading time.  

Reading one of the Fairy Tale books.
(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting:  
We didn't practice a letter this week.  Instead they practiced vertical and horizontal lines in their handwriting book.

Playing fiddlesticks.
Each popsicle stick has a letter on it.  When you pull a stick you have to say the name of the letter, the sound it makes, or a word that starts with the letter picked (whatever you decided).  If you get it right you keep yoiur stick.  The winner has the most sticks at the end of the game.

They both liked this game to start but got a little bored by the end.  I've got to come up with a way to make it more exciting.

Sorting by beginning sounds.  They LOVED this activity.  We did it individually and also as a game and both versions were a hit.


Hannah and Ethan made different shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds and a circle) with our magnetic sticks.

Here Hannah made a triangle and Ethan made a diamond.

Together we figured out how to make a circle.

Of course, they also had a chance to just play.  Hannah made a hanging spinning thing.

Ethan (with some help) wanted to make the letters in his name.

Matching numbers to the dominoes.  This was just a quick activity we did one morning before breakfast. They are both getting much quicker at recognizing how many dots or counters they see without having to count each one out.


For Christmas the kids and I got an Amaryllis from my Grandma.  My grandma LOVES these and she thought the kids and I would also enjoy watching one grow. She's right, but I am not very good a keeping things alive.  First, we planted it and now we are watching it grow very quickly. I think in the last week it has grown at least 6 or 7 cm.  Here Ethan and Hannah are taking a first measurement.  It was 13cm.

 We also did an activity out of our "Science Adventures: Nature Activities for Young Children".  Hannah and Ethan both got a paper bag with five matching nature objects inside (a rock, a shell, a feather, a stick, and a pinecone).

They got a few minutes just to explore and look at the objects.

Next, we made a chart of the words used to describe each of the objects we talked about how they looked, felt and smelled.

Finally, Hannah and Ethan played a game where they would pick an object and describe it and the other had to guess which object it was without looking.

Afterwards Hannah wanted to make a puppet out of her paper bag.

I love the big bow.

Art has been very unplanned and spontaneous as it typically is at our house.  Hannah and I painted together while Andrew and Ethan were out doing errands and Nathanael slept.

Just for Fun:

Here are some pictures of the very cuddly Nathanael.

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