Friday, January 3, 2014

Waiting for Baby.

I am very restless waiting for baby to decide to join us.  I'm running out of things to get ready and I am almost thankful that I need to continually clean and do laundry because of Hannah and Ethan.  Part of the problem is that I am just not patient and I do not like not knowing things.  Secondly, I am very uncomfortable.  Yes I know I am very pregnant and all pregnant women are uncomfortable in the end.  However, I am more uncomfortable then I was with Hannah and Ethan.   Turns out with this little boy I have Polyhydramnios which is just a fancy way of saying excessive amniotic fluid.  SO I am very overfull to the point of nearly exploding (or at least it feels like it).  It hurts and I want the baby to come so it doesn't hurt anymore.  As a result I am trying to do things to distract myself and not drive my family to crazy. :D

So here is a random collection of pictures from the camera that I keep upstairs because it doesn't always work.  It collects photos until I think about cleaning up, which I decided today was a good day. :D

First night in their new bed.
Hannah was initially very excited about sharing a room with Ethan.  Then she found out her night-time routine would be changing (that's why she looks so weepy).

Ethan was very excited.  Overall the switch has gone very well with the exception of getting up to early in the morning.

 What Auntie does when she is watching Ben and needs to clean the bathroom.  
Ben happily played in the bathtub while I cleaned.  Although I think he would have been happier with water and without clothes.

Randoms by Ethan:

 Getting the room for baby ready.
This is the baby bedding I made.  The colors make me happy.  Yes I am aware that the crib is missing a side but he will be in a bassinet to start so I'm not in a rush.

This is bear on the mobile I made for the crib.

Ben waiting for mommy or watching cars.

Randoms by Hannah:  Hannah decided one afternoon to take pictures of her room after she cleaned it so that Andrew could see how hard she worked. 

Setting up the bassinet with Andrew.

3 monsters

A picture of our first snow day this year.  I know not much.

A picture of my belly that Hannah insisted she take so that I wouldn't forget that there is a baby in there.  Yeah right Hannah not going to happen. But I relented and let her take the picture.

Bassinet ready and waiting for baby.

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