Thursday, May 22, 2014

10th Wedding Anniversary

Today Andrew and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and I am so sad that he is out of town!  I cannot believe that ten years have past and that we have 3 beautiful children.  I am so thankful for Andrew and I love him more then I could ever put it words.  I thought I would share some of our wedding pictures for fun:

Daddy walking me up the isle.

Exchanging vows.  
Andrew and I wrote our own vows for one another.

Celebrating communion.


My family

Andrew's family.

The obligatory parent photo

Andrew and the guys!

Andrew and his guys fighting.

Me and my girls.

Our cake failure.  Andrew had very little opinion about what our wedding day would look like outside of our ceremony and our cake.  He had a very clear idea about what he wanted in our wedding cake (are you surprised!) and the caterer failed. It was suppose to be taller and tiered.

Off to our honeymoon!

Andrew this song is for you:

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