Friday, May 9, 2014

Preschool Week 29

Preschool Week 29

Bible: We finished up with Jonah which was a partial carry over from the previous week.  This week we did a hand print craft ( I LOVE hand print crafts).  


Books, Books, Books

(Sonlight P3/4)   

Language Arts and Handwriting: Practicing the letter the Y.

The wooden pieces and chalk boards are still a big favorite.

Nathanael looking in on their work.

Gluing yarn to their Y pictures.



Doing a giraffe number puzzle.

Filling in a grid using their bears. Across the top the colors are written out and down the side the sizes are written out.  The had to place the right bear in each square (small red is in the top corner).

Hannah finished very quickly and thought she would try again with her eyes closed. Silly girl.

Afterwards we placed all the bears in the rice bin and played it as a game.

Then of course they played with rice just for fun.  

This is an activity I found on Education Unboxed.  This site is an amazing collection of video activities using cuisenaire rods. 

Hannah and Ethan needed to find the rod that fits the space so that the rods match in length.  

Hannah made an apple tree.

An an erupting volcano on a snowy day.

(Compare Bears Maths)

Art:  Oil pastels and oil art.
First they each drew a picture using the oil pastels.

Next, they painted over everything with oil.  The colors become quite vibrant and the paper becomes translucent. The effect is lovely when the picture is put in front of a window.

Science: We learned about birds.

About Birds by Cathryn Sill is a great book about birds with the most beautiful pictures.

We read it together adn talked about different birds and the ways they do things.

Hannah and Ethan made a mini book each on eggs hatching.

They also sorted pictures into things people need and things birds need.

And always we continued to watch seeds germinate (these are apple seeds).

 Just For Fun

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